“Living in a world of design, I seek a place to create fluid solutions and stories through my design process.”

The Beginnings
As a kid, I would love to listen to bedtime stories before dozing off into sleep. It was the excitement within the fairytales of dragons, princesses, and heroes saving the day that intrigued me. Throughout school, my imagination would drift off and I would be drawing them down on my homework assignment or sometimes even my test papers. Doodling designs on the edge. Reality never kicked in for me, on whether what path I should take towards my future. There was just an assumption that I would have life all figured out after high school. Which who really does have life figured out by then?

The Reflection
After High school, there was a big question everybody is faced with, “What’s next??” I took this time to meditate on who I am as a person and what I wanted to do. I needed to be sure, I needed to find something I was passionate about... This was around the time I started to travel. The things you learn and the memories you make by exploring a foreign place is something I think everyone should experience.

Observing different cultures within Asia and Europe, eating foods like a world-famous Paella in Spain to the beginnings of street foods in Taiwan, and sceneries from the blue waters in the Philippines to the green lands of Croatia opened my eyes to a bigger, beautiful world. Learning what I’ve seen, I noticed that the world is perfectly designed, examining various color schemes as sunsets and full moons. Even living creatures, whales with fins designed to swim oceans to oceans. After visiting a place, I remember coming back home with a story to share but not a visual way to tell it. I wanted a creative way to explain it. I taught myself video editing, clip by clip, one tutorial after another, I became a decent editor.

After all my travels along with the things I've learned, such as video-editing, are how important stories are; to how they can define who we are. Without them how do we communicate with people about our experiences or life lessons?

The Passion
Stories create a strong mark on a person. I want to leave a mark on a person and to bring out their emotions whether tears of joy or tears of sadness, I’ll take it.

Becoming a great storyteller involves a process, you have to include all the important details to keep your audience engaged and delighted.

“The best stories are more complete and more comprehensive. They contain more verified information from more sources with more viewpoints and expertise. They exhibit more enterprise, more reportorial effort.”

I googled everything I could to learn about creative story-telling. From the best camera to use, software, color themes, psychology, and simply capturing people’s emotions. Researching wasn’t for me to become a great story-teller, I needed to go out and put things into practice. Every day I would try to utilize common places and make a clip out of it, finding ways to catch people’s attention. I figured, “If I can make my backyard interesting, then I can make most of my videos interesting.” I just loved creating something for people to enjoy. From researching to become a creative video story-teller, I stumbled upon learning about design and the process. I came to find the design process is the greatest tool a designer has. I find the process not restricting but channels your ideas out visually with convenient steps to ensure you have everything needed to design a great app. I can confidently say with the duality between video story-telling and UX design; I will always want to create something leaving a mark for my users. As I kid I loved listening to stories without knowing how to tell them. Today, I love telling stories through creative design. Let's create great stories together.

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